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In the area of the municipality of Evosmo Thessaloniki since 1993 work a template electronic laboratory which received authorization from the Viane S.A (official representative of Matsushita electric Japan to 12/2005) in Greece for the repair and maintenance of machinery Home for the Western region of the city. Where the cooperation with the authorization of devices Zenix-Teac representing then the Viane.
Receipt devices

External view
The 1996 awarded in Dionysios Nikolaos owner company one of the three awards given total throughout Greece (53 authorized Service) as one of the best Service for his excellent service technical know-how and even equipment machinery as well as for the computerization laboratory.
  From the beginning of the year 2006 continues to cover the Panasonic devices now is no longer responsible for authorization from the official delegation to Greece from 1/1/2006 the Intertech.
So in March of that year fully refurbishes and modernizes the undertaking and human resources to cover across the County in Thessaloniki.
  In 2007 the Intertech decides to give central throughout Greece service in Astra from which we again the authorized Service to cover devices Panasonic-Technics.
  However, we in the same year is delegated from the Intersys s.a official representative in Greece devices Pioneer-Toshiba the authorized service for the whole of Thessaloni

Receipt devices

Receipt devices
The 2008 also we the Preliminary Commercial SA Greece official representative of Loewe. in Greece the authorized service Loewe devices. for the State of Thessaloniki.
 From April 2009 the Intertech undertakes the Service throughout Greece based in Athens and stand partners after 16 years of experience and know-how to Panasonic devices